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Digital business, a new frontier of opportunities

Now more than ever, thanks to its useful strategic communication tools, the digital sector has become a parallel approach to the traditional business model. This is why Canepa, leader in the high-quality textile sector, has been carefully investigating the opportunity of a new approach to build a digital relationship with clients for some time. Canepa is evolving its online presence in order to offer its clients increasingly cutting-edge services. This is what led the group to launch a new company website which is not simply a repository of information, but a direct communication channel between the company and clients, which includes a series of initiatives to grow the business which will develop in the months to come. Indeed, the new platform is aimed at employees to highlight the spirit of the company, production processes and end products using B2B content created to respond to specific requests with a personal level of assistance.
A distinctive characteristic of the new virtual milestone is to make the new digital platform a means of direct access into the world of Canepa and, via various channels, enabling the user to retrieve information, select different areas of interest and be rapidly contacted in order to create significant two-way relationships. With this new project, aimed at enhancing client relationships, Canepa is providing a window into its world, with a strategic and innovative approach for a company in this sector operating as it does at the start of the supply chain.

Posted on 26 June 2015